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Over 8,000 sets of heads shipped to satisfied customers since we started keeping computer records in 1987. Time proven.

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TC chamber color
exhaust port color
intake port color

Head work starts at $987.49 US per set as shown above with all new parts and labor.

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HQ build kit
tour-vj1 hone-full top shot

I thought that you might be entertained by this. My heads are marked HQ5991. My odometer reads just over 110,000 miles. Attached is a dyno sheet after I did some modifications to the Thunderheader. I think that my bike is a good testimony to the life expectancy of your products. Would you like pics of the combustion chambers or anything else when I tear it down? If you notice the dyno sheet, it only had 105,000 at the time. Feel free to post it if you would like. For the record, they have not all been easy miles. I'm the old motocrosser that you spoke with 5 or so years ago.
Randy Holm

Randy Holm New

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