Able Tuners

If you have purchased our products or one of our performance packages, you will need the services of an accomplished tuner to get the best out of your investment.
There are dozens of shops with dynos offering tuning services but truth told, perhaps only 1 or 2% have the skills to truly call themselves tuning specialists.
Those that do know their job will require 4-5 hours or more to properly tune your bike. They will not simply add a download and tweak the air fuel ratios, they will completely remap ignition timing as well.
Their dynos won’t sitting in the middle of their shops, they will be in a room called a cell  specially built to remove exhaust and provide clean fresh air and contain fans for engine cooling.

We are providing a list of tuners available that we know are able to get the best out of your investment.


Those Dyno Guys
Zimmerman, MN, 55398