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Do you have a dyno graph for a Head Quarters build you’d like to share? Send it in to us and we will put it on this page.

The dyno graph below was sent to us by Boz of Powerglides UK

Hey guys, here's what I got with the 55mm HPI TB on the 2007 FLHX versus the same bike with the 46mm TB. (cable throttle).
I originally built this HQ113ST a couple of years ago and the owner wanted to retain the stock 46mm TB and Ness Big Sucker. Supermeg with 25 discs.
I told him the result was no better than a 107ST and that I thought the TB was a bottleneck. So, eventually he relented and I put on a HPI 55mm and their Street Elite A/C.
1) Best hp I've had from the HQ113
2) Tq is the same as with the SE58mm TB, but the SE only gave 113hp
3) Tq is better on the one I did with the stock DBW 50mm TB, but that only gave 113hp

4) Much more responsive on the road at all throttle positions, in any gear. It's like riding a Buell (but more comfortable)!
a) The HPI is very well designed and made. The manifold is lovely.
b) The SE DBW TB, although cheap, is a waste of time, especially as we have to blend the ports to match the runners.

c) Next time I do one I will try the HPI 51mm as their TBs obviously flow well, and I suspect that I could get the torque in a few hundred rpm sooner.
d) The HQ113ST is a beautiful engine for a bagger.


Hey guys, thought I might share this with you, as we all love the Supermeg and the HQ cams so much.
I've done a couple of the new 2011 FL bikes now, both with Supermeg and HQ-TC-500-HC cams.
Red curves are the the bike totally stock.
Blue curves are what I initially did with 20 discs. This bike has the crappy SE air cleaner. It went well enough, but still came up against a wall above 110mph trying to pull that tall 6th gear. Needed to drop down into 5th.
So, as an experiment, I went back to basics and revisited the number of discs. Buggered around for a couple of days with different configurations, including the open end cap. Ended up with the black curves, which is 26 discs and closed end cap. Man, has this filled in the torque curve. Bike is more responsive everywhere, even at small throttle openings. This is not what I used to find back in carburetor world, where I would typically get my best results with 18 or 20 discs, and 26 discs would actually knock a hole in the torque between 2500 and 3500 rpm.

Boz HQ-500 cams and Supertrapp

Our pipe of choice is the Supertrapp Supermeg. Below is a dyno sheet from Duke comparing this pipe to another popular exhaust system.
"I also attached a dyno sheet with the comparison of the new "FAD" fuel moto "X" pipe vs the tried and true Super trapp super meg. The super meg is the clear winner( blue lines). This was done back to back on a 2012 CVO FLHX with 96/103 oem castings ported, HQ's pistons and HQ's 575 cams. Pulls hard..... Customer loves it now! Amazing difference from a exhaust pipe."

Surermeg vs Fuel moto X pipe

Here's an experiment I've been waiting to do for ages. Another wicked "bang for the buck" build.
Bike is the last of the fuel injected 2005 Dyna Sports.
Stock 88" cylinders bored to 95".
SE cast flat top pistons.
Dealer take off 2006 heads (completely stock).
.030" MLS head gaskets.
Compression around 9.6 (not measured).
HQ-0034 cams.
HQ Black Op lifters.
Stock pushrods.
Torrington cam bearings.
Stock 44mm throttle body and injectors.
K&N RK series air cleaner with oversize element.
Supermeg with 24 discs and closed end cap.
Dyno tuned with Direct Link.
As Duke often says, "these cams are Golden".
Very responsive, and rolls on cleanly in 5th from 2000rpm. Very easy to tune as none of the parts are fighting each other, and, with EFI, we don't have to accept the fueling and timing compromises that we do with the carb models.
I'm thinking that this is the 88/95 version of the 96/107 budget build. I'd like to try this, in the lighter bikes, with a little more compression.

2004 FXDX 95 HQ0034