Featuring our HVP cylinder heads.

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Valves and springs removed to show workmanship.

High Velocity Ports (HVP) Flat Deck Heads

This picture illustrates the work done to all stock Evo heads used in our kits, or as done to your own heads when sent in.

- finished heads have a combustion chamber volume of 72cc
- if needed, we can adjust the cc volume for special order heads to accommodate special pistons
- heads can also be setup for use on larger engines with varied compression ratios
- for use on carburetted or fuel injected models
- heads are fully ported, resurfaced, include a fully radiused valve job and complete assembly, ready to bolt on
- all include new valves (1.625
" & 1.900"), guides (manganese bronze), springs, titanium retainers, and seals   (Viton)

These same HVP heads are also supplied with our System 85 and 95 kits.