Ignitions for Twin Cam & Evo models

HQ-6100   for 1999-03 Twin Cam (carb models only)

HQ-6104 for 2004-05 Twin Cam (carb models only)

See optional software and power source below text.

The Twin Cam Programable ignition is the best thing to come along since the motorcycle.
You have many options of mode selection including initial timing, advance slope and RPM limits at 100 RPM intervals. You may also change cranking (start up) revs and rear cylinder timing offset. When developing your own advance curves, you can alter the curve at every 100 RPM step. With the use of the optional software package you will also be able to view total hours of engine run time, number of engine starts, max RPM usage and how long the motor operated there. In fact, you will be able to view your engines hourly operating times at each 500 RPM interval.
The ignition may be ordered with a fully programed HQ specific curve or set with a basic curve ready for you to program. If you are not interested in programing you can opt for the basic generic curves without need of further programing.

Evo and Sportster Ignitions

We currently offer two different ignitions used on both the Evolution Big Twin and Sportster models. They fit all years. Scroll down the page to see all the ignitions and optional components.

HQ-6000 Evolution Big Twin and Sportster programable ignition.

Options for mode selection, advance slope and RPM limit. You may set rev limits at 100 RPM intervals and there are additional programable options for changing cranking revolutions, rear cylinder timing offset and VOES input
When programing you may change the timing advance curve at each 100 RPM interval with the use of the optional software package. The software also enables you to view total hours of run time, number of engine starts, maximum RPM usage and time spent at each RPM position in increments of 500.
Comes fully programmed with custom HQ curve OR set with basic curves for you to program OR basic curves as per a usual ignition. You have the choice.

The ever popular HQ electronic ignition. Not programable.

Requires HQ-21850 adapter (left) for single fire operation with a tachometer.

HQ-21835 We developed this one to work with higher compression engines. This ignition is unique in that it only advances 25 degrees from startup to full advance, whereas other ignitions move 35 degrees
The 10 degrees less movement means you will not have to retard this ignition, compromising startup position and producing a sluggish advance curve to accommodate a high compression application.
The results will be easier starting, snappier throttle, far less prone to detonation, and better fuel mileage.
You have the choice of single or conventional dual fire modes, selectable advance curves and adjustable rev limit.