Hydraulic Lifters

HQ-4225   Our new Black Ops  lifters. Sold each

For 1999 and later Twin Cam models

There isn’t anything else on the market like these lifters. If they don’t quiet your lifter noise down, your noise is coming from another source.
ONLY available from Head Quarters

Every Black Ops lifter is pre-tested after assembly to meet HQs standards for bleed down rate. In addition to being of the highest quality standards, this means you get a good clean functional lifter.
A few facts about lifters. There is an expression in the lifter industry. ‘Hydraulic lifters are the best oil filters on the market’.  In simple terms, that means dirt can get in a lifter through the oil feed, but can’t get back out. A lifter will capture dirt particles as small as 1 micron. A top quality fine oil filter only captures dirt 5 microns or larger. So clean engine assembly is a must.
Over 90% of failed lifters are a result of dirty oil. Wear as fine as 50 millionths of an inch (that is 1/2 of 1/10th of ONE thousanth of an inch can make a lifter fail. And it takes only seconds.
Clean engine assembly, clean oil and priming of the lifters before initial start up is essential.