Quick 107 Kit


Featuring our all new 540 cam purpose ground just for this kit.

HQ-PK-107 complete kit as pictured above. $ 871.63 (US dollars)

107 Kit

Bolt in power to upgrade Twin Cam 96 or 103 inchers to fire breathing 107 cubic inchers with no head work or other parts required. All that is required is boring your stock cylinders, reassemble, tune and go. NO head work required. That’s right. Your stock heads can stay as they are and continue to use the stock valve springs and other hardware. You will not need to purchase adjustable pushrods or any other parts except a few gaskets. We recommend a good exhaust system like the Supertrapp S2-1 Supermegs and free flowing air cleaner and a speed density tuning system like SEST, TTS or Direct Link.
Compression 10.5:1. Cam specs = In .540
" 20/46 x Ex .510" 52/20.
Cylinder bores will need to be finished to 3.938

Here we go then chaps, another winner * 2011 FLHR  * HQ-PK-107 kit  * Supermeg with 26 discs and closed end cap * K&N RK series air cleaner * Stock 50mm DBW TB * Stock 4.35 g/s injectors * Stock cylinders bored out * Tuned with Direct Link on a Superflow 250