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IMPORTANT:     Please Read

Doug has retired and is only accepting machine shop work on a very limited basis.
Please do not ship any work to Head Quarters without first contacting Doug by email for his approval.
He can be contacted at  tech@head-quarters.com
Joanne will continue to sell and ship Head Quarters parts on a daily basis.

Shipping Addresses
(Canada and Europe)
Head Quarters
3006 St. Clair Parkway
Sombra, ON,   N0P 2H0

Head Quarters - FB Package
420 South Water Street
Marine City, MI

Please do not use STYROFOAM CHIPS when packaging heads and cylinders to send in to us. Chips create a real mess and are not machine shop friendly. We will be charging $10 per order for cleaning up styrofoam chips.

When sending work to us please be sure to include a work order inside the box with your name, address and day time telephone number. Also itemize the contents  of your shipment so we know exactly what we are supposed to have. Most importantly, we a NEED a copy of the work order.

We receive several jobs each day. Jobs that do not include iwork orders get passed over and fall behind until we get time to make phone calls to find out what is required and we have to charge for the time. It is very important  that we receive instructions with each job.