When it comes to the Sportster heads there are many options. We work on them all but when it comes to 1200cc engines (after boring out 883 cylinders) we prefer the stock 883 head castings best of all.
When we finish with 883 OR 1200 heads they have the same sized valves. 1.715" intakes and 1.480" exhausts.
The reason we prefer to work with the 883 castings is because we have a lot more flexibility. The ports are smaller so as we remove metal we can make them the exact shape possible for increased flow and velocity.
The combustion chambers are also smaller so we can machine them to any shape or size we want.
With the 883 heads (used on 1200 motors) we can give you more flow, higher port velocity for more torque and a higher compression ratio for more horsepower.
All 1200 owners should try use ported 883 heads for their performance upgrades.
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883 heads with 1200 valves.

Late model Sportster heads with 1.9 and 1.625 valves

XR1200 heads-2
1200 heads-1
XR1200 heads-1