Our new T-shirts will be ready to ship in January 2007. They will be available in black, white or gray in sizes small, medium, large and extra large. All shirts are $24.95 (US or Canadian)



TS-BOB-S          Small Black blue graphics
TS-BOB-M         Medium Black blue                                               graphics
TS-BOB-L          Large Black blue graphics
TS-BOB-XL       X Large Black blue                                              graphics
TS-BOB-2XL     XX Large Black blue                                           graphics

TS-ROB-S         Small Black red graphics
TS-ROB-M         Medium Black red                                                graphics
TS-ROB-L          Large Black red graphics
TS-ROB-XL       X Large Black red graphics
TS-ROB-2XL     XX Large Black red                                             graphics

TS-BOG-S          Small Gray blue graphics
TS-BOG-M         Medium Gray blue                                                graphics
TS-BOG-L          Large Gray blue graphics
TS-BOG-XL       X Large Gray blue                                                graphics
TS-BOG-2XL     XX Large Gray blue                                             graphics

TS-ROG-S          Small Gray red graphics
TS-ROG-M         Medium Gray red graphics
TS-ROG-L          Large Gray red graphics
TS-ROG-XL       X Large Gray red graphics
TS-ROG-2XL     XX Large Gray red                                              graphics

TS-BOW-S         Small White blue graphics
TS-BOW-M         Medium White blue                                             graphics
TS-BOW-L          Large White blue graphics
TS-BOW-XL       X Large White blue                                              graphics
TS-BOW-2XL     XX Large White blue                                          graphics

TS-ROW-S         Small White red graphics
TS-ROW-M         Medium White red                                                graphics
TS-ROW-L          Large White red graphics
TS-ROW-XL       X Large White red                                               graphics
TS-ROW-2XL     XX Large White red                                            graphics