Twin Cam and Evolution

HQ-1625  exhaust valve 1.625" head, .3095" stem diameter, used on stock valve seats.

.060" oversize intake valve 1.900" head, .310" stem diameter. Can be used on stock valve seats

Evolution Sportster

HQ-1480  exhaust valve 1.480" head, .3095" stem diameter.

HQ-1715  intake valve 1.715" head, .310" stem diameter. 

These valves are tulip shaped to increase flow and port velocity. They are direct replacements for a 1200 heads and cane be used in 883 head castings.


HQ-1750 exhaust valve 1.750" head, .375" stem diameter.

HQ-1950  intake valve 1.950" head, .375" stem    diameter. 

These are high performance valves and a direct replacements for all Shovelheads. The exhaust may be used as a Panhead intake or exhaust valve OR the intake can used as an oversized Pan intake valve.