Two  grinds for Victory 106 Freedom engines
WB-XV-30   $520 MSRP USD
WB-XV-40  $520 MSRP USD

Vic 03

These are designed and tested by highly experienced V-twin engine builders and dyno tuners, to ensure the best balance of part throttle driveability, overall power gains, and maximum valve train reliability.
XV-40 features
Machined from solid steel billet, heat treated, and ground
* Direct bolt in using the OEM cam carriers with no modifications required
* Designed to work with the OEM valve springs
* Noticeably quieter valve train than stock
* Designed and tested by Victory owners

XC WB-XV-40 Tri Ovals v stock v stage 1

The dyno chart shows testing carried out on a Victory Cross Country.
Red curves are the stock bike
curves are the popular, dealer installed 'stage 1 kit', consisting of Tri Oval mufflers, Victory air filter, and a dealer reflash
Black curves are with the Tri Ovals, stock headers with CATS retained, high flow aftermarket filter, and tuned with a PC5 and the WYRD Brothers XV-40 cams.

Dyno test using WB-XV-30 cams.