WYRD Brothers

WYRD Brothers products are relatively new to the market we are pleased to be carrying them along with our other product lines. 

The how and why of the WYRD Brothers product line. As written by Doug Coffey of Head Quarters

Long gone are the days of developing performance products by the seat of the pants as I did with the Head Quarters product line in the days when carburetors and mechanical advance ignitions ruled.

Today all our motorcycles come from the factories equipped with electronic fuel injection and ignition systems.

New product development requires not only mechanical innovation but also access to a dynamometer facility and more importantly, a tuner that understands and senses what an engine wants and is able to reprogram an electronic control module to get the desired results.
Competent  tuners are not as easily found as one might think. A world class tuner will spend tens of thousands of dollars on his facility and countless hours perfecting his ever evolving craft.
In the process he will not only learn his game but will also discover how various products work and react with each other. Particularly camshafts and exhaust systems.

I have the good fortune to know two such world class tuners. Boz from the UK and Duke from Minnesota.
Boz owns Powerglides UK. In addition to having a reputation as a go to guy for engine building he is a successful journalist for motorcycle publications in Europe, an accomplished machinist and today he operates the primo tuning facility for American V-Twin motorcycles in England.

Duke is an instructor at a college that specializes in motorcycle engineering for American V-Twins and has numerous dyno facilities for learning and instruction. He has been the instructor to many individuals now employed by the three American V-Twin manufacturers.
Duke is a workaholic and also owns his own performance shop.

We three have close to 100 years combined work experience and three machine shops including five dynos and several flow benches. We have access to many Harley-Davidson, Victory and Indian motorcycles.

Three heads are better than one and with standardized tuning software we can compare research results from North America and Europe where fuel and riding styles vary.

Times and products will continue to change. We believe we are well positioned to adapt and evolve with change and bring you well engineered products.

Together we are the Wyrd Brothers.

Take a look at what we have to offer so far and see if you agree.